hello world, i’m your wild girl

okay, so i’m not the best at introductions, and by that i mean, i’m no good at not looking like a dork. i’ve started a blog quite a few times, always thinking i’d be good at it, and then i just let it go, and stop myself from actually committing because i’m terrified. terrified of what people may think. but my best friend, liz, started a blog and gave me encouragement to start my own. right now, i don’t have a direction, or a purpose of what i want to discuss, but i know that whilst it may not be one strict topic, i’ll try my best to make it entertaining.

let’s start with the basics, i’m lauren, i’m 20 years old and i live in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere. i study english language and linguistics at lancaster university. i love books, i love make-up, i love travelling, i love long walks on the beach, big dicks and fried chicken, which brings me onto another strong love of mine – rupaul’s drag race. i’ve always been a writer, when i was young, i used to write stupid stories, and when i was in school, the assessments where you got to write, even if it was a newsletter, were my favourites. i’ve been writing my whole life, and i just love it. i love telling stories, no matter how small or mundane, and making them interesting.

i hope this satiates for now, i promise my next updates will contain actual info that you’ll find massively more interesting. at least, i hope so!

lauren x


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