fixing my skin… maybe

for me, skincare has always been an issue. something i’ve never managed to get right. i try my hardest but just can’t follow through. i want that beautiful, glowing, poreless skin. yet, i’ve recently come to the realisation that that will never be me, and that i will have to work for above average skin.

some background on me: a poor university student with textured, combination skin, naturally large pores and unhealthy enough to get a new spot roughly every six minutes.

for my birthday, i asked my parents for a vanity planet ultimate skin spa system. and honestly, it’s amazing. granted, it’s a little more effort than i would like, but honestly skincare is something i am slowly learning to love, and appreciate. whilst it can be an expensive feat, i thoroughly believe it is worth it. looking after your skin is so beneficial for so many reasons, and i’m slowly getting into the whole idea.

i start by cleansing my skin with burt’s bees facial cleansing oil, to fully rid my face of makeup and dirt, then i use the ultimate skin spa with the cup o’ coffee mask, from lush, to exfoliate my face. the only hassle here, is if you’re not showering, the little bits of ground coffee can go everywhere. but honestly, that’s a price i’m willing to pay for a good result. a couple of times a week, i enjoy using the tony moly egg pore strips. whilst they do smell of egg, which isn’t exactly pleasant – especially when left on for 15 minutes, they’re fantastic. there’s something i find truly satisfying about using pore strips, potentially because i’m super gross and like seeing all the blackheads no longer infesting my nose. following this, i use kiehl’s algae face mask. it’s a super gross colour and has a somewhat uncomfortable smell. i don’t know why things that are good for you always smell weird, but they do. but once again, it’s beautiful. after massaging it into my skin and then washing it away 30 minutes later, i find that my skin is so plumped and healthy looking, even the day after. it’s especially perfect for the winter months when you can feel your skin drying up completely. then, as if this wasn’t enough steps (don’t worry, there’s only two left!), i apply my kiehl’s nightly refining micro-peel, it was recommended to me, as the quinoa apparently works wonders for textured skin. once again, this is another slightly off smelling product, that also doesn’t taste too great. yet, i’ve found that it really does assist textured skin, if you use it right, which i did not for a very long time. AND FINALLY, let last thing i put on my face after all this – kiehls’ midnight recovery concentrate. i promise i’m not sponsored by kiehl’s in any way shape or form (though, i wish i was!). but i honestly find that their stuff works a heck of a lot better for me than simple, or garnier, and all the other stuff i was using before. i finally things that will help my face not resemble an old leather boot, and i couldn’t be more thankful. sure, it took twenty years,  but i have finally found what works for me.

and, when on the days this is too much, nip and fab’s dragon’s blood line are a life saver!

thanks for reading!

lauren x


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