in case any of you guys missed my rad welcome post, here’s a few basic facts about me in case you wanna buy me presents or something

my name is lauren, i’m 20 years old and i have a lot i wanna do

despite being 20, i almost always forget and say 19 instead

i┬ádon’t like writing about myself, because there’s not a lot to say. i’m just that bitch that loves her best friends a heck of a lot, watches a lot of netflix and avoids her responsibilities. i love animals, of any sort. i want a pet stingray, even though i don’t think that’s actually feasible. i am potentially the saltiest person you will ever meet, and i will never apologise for it.

the most badass thing i have ever done is stole a sharpie from the co-op to go and graffiti a park, because that’s two crimes in one

i’ve been writing all my life and want to be a journalist when i’m older

i think the new cigarette packets are super ugly, and this is one example of why the government sucks

lauren x


(this is my face, just in case any of you were wondering!)